TAKE A BREAK-sessie – It’s just one breath away

Throughout the working day, we face all kinds of outside stimuli. We dash from meeting to meeting, with deadlines to be met and countless unread emails in our mailbox. Or perhaps we are busy dedicating heart and soul to the care of others. Our work is becoming more challenging than ever and there is hardly time to catch our breath. Our heads seem full, or in other words, we have become a “walking head”. We have become less aware of how we actually feel and react.

Employees take time off every year due to stress or work pressure. A good work-life balance is disrupted. As a result, the employee can be less efficient and productive. Sometimes this can even lead to long-term sick leave such as burnout.

Grace van Senang by Grace will come to your organization/company for a 30-minute TAKE A BREAK session. During the TAKE A BREAK, Grace gently guides employees to body awareness, maintaining both feet on the ground while staying in the moment, to mindfully look inward and be conscious of one’s breathing. Each session will have a different focus but always directed towards body awareness and conscious breathing.

After a TAKE A BREAK session, people experience less stress, improved concentration and greater job satisfaction. Employees also feel relaxed and more confident of their surroundings. It is important however to provide a series of guided sessions rather than a one-off lesson of mindful training for employees. People often find it difficult to implement meditation/mindful exercises into their daily lives. By having a TAKE A BREAK with colleagues on a regular basis, it will also create better interrelationships with one another. Employers are increasingly willing to accept their responsibility and invest in their employees by providing a TAKE A BREAK as an additional work benefit. As an employer, are you taking your responsibility for the good care of your employees? Do you want your employees to improve their relationship with their colleagues? To move from “walking head” syndrome to being body aware and fully present in the here and now?

I would love to come and meet your company/organization and give a FREE 30-minute TAKE A BREAK session (valued at 175 euros). After the free session we can discuss the possibilities of a 6 or 12 months subscription or you can purchase a pre-paid ‘strippenkaart’ of 5 or 10 sessions or even book single sessions.

Benefits for your employees:
- Reduces stress
- More creative
- More job satisfaction
- At the workplace itself
- Guided mindfulness at your work place
- In the morning, lunch break or afternoon
- Different forms possible (subscription/strippenkaart/single session)


All above prices are exclusive of 21% VAT.
Appointments must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise costs will be charged.

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